Startup Tech + Product Consulting

Startup Tech + Product Consulting

I hands-on consult early stage startup teams to help the development of technology and digital products. My consulting philosophy focuses on product building: which is using strategy to create the "right" technology for users, customers, and communities. The goal is to combine code, business requirements, compliance guardrails, stakeholder needs, the market landscape, and about 100 other things - all to identify the best product to build for your company and your users. Product building is science and art: it requires a technical understanding of technology and a human understanding of digital products.

How I Work

I work with entrepreneurs and startups in their early stages (think pre-funding through series A). Our shared goal is to translate customer needs and business requirements into digital product ideas, then to prototype and test those products. We work together to:

  • Validate digital products
  • Define and find product market fit
  • Prototype new digital products
  • Scale products and platforms
  • Hire early technical teams (think: software engineers, product managers, product designers, data scientists, web developers)

Where I Focus

My focus and expertise is digital products in the healthcare and government industries. I believe the best technology is inherently human-centric and emphasizes human interaction instead of replacing it. Healthcare and government are inherently complex spaces where digital transformation is overdue and considerate innovation is mission critical.

So You’re a Software Engineer? Fractional CTO?

I like building successful and impactful digital products. I’ve found that my best work comes when helping startups that are low on: (1) product development bandwidth, (2) product validation, and/or (3) product development operational excellence. I work in code and design as needed to validate and prototype early product ideas. I’m often brought on to help test product-led growth in a new channel or bring product-led strategy to an executive team.

Who I’ve Worked With

Some clients of mine include:

  • Guaranteed Health | Healthcare | Seed | New York, NY
  • Parachute Health | Healthcare | Series D | New York, NY
  • NYC Office of Technology and Innovation (OTI) | Government Office

Learn More

If you’re an early stage entrepreneur or startup in need of more digital product innovation, I’d love to talk. Reach out 👉✉️

“Can’t say enough good things about Chip! He was an advisor to Pollen during our early, pre-product, deep customer discovery, and prototyping days. He provided clear and calm guidance on building early stage product, technical strategy, what signals to look for, how to interview customers and even how to lead the team. On top of that, he’s incredibly patient, kind and generous. I’d recommend him to any early stage team looking for great product or engineering advisory and guidance.” ~ Hillary Bush, Founder & CEO at Pollen | Seed | New York, NY