Represent is a platform to draw lines between internet content and elected officials. It's a system of creating civic engagement and political accountability inline with a user's normal browsing habits.

Product Thesis

Represent is a platform with multiple web tools designed for users who want to be more informed about their elected officials. The goal is to inform users by drawing interesting and accurate lines between their internet content and the actions of their elected officials. As a product, it strives to be unobtrusive, intuitive, and inherently customizable. User options and settings are prioritized and inferred on every interface. User flows always open the user up to diving deeper and learning more.

Product Breakdown

🚧 The platform is in progress. It will consist of multiple user interfaces that allow for the placement of relevant and useful political content alongside a user's daily browsing behavior. It uses proprietary data sets and machine learning to classify internet pages and personalization algorithms to remain useful and unobtrusive to users.

Want to help?

Right now, Represent is a personal project. If you'd like to get involved, feel free to reach me @