Chip Kennedy: Working Together

Hello 👋

Since we’re considering working together, this page is a breakdown of my services, a template contract, and what past clients have to say about my work. As always, you can contact me with questions, specific needs, or ideas for us to talk through!

Everything below is also the starting point I use for setting the cost and scope of engagements. When you’re ready, and if we both agree I can help, I'll send over a detailed agreement for us to discuss and sign.

- Chip Kennedy


Can’t say enough good things about Chip! He was an advisor to Pollen during our early, pre-product, deep customer discovery, and prototyping days. He provided clear and calm guidance on building early stage product, technical strategy, what signals to look for, how to interview customers and even how to lead the team. On top of that, he’s incredibly patient, kind and generous. I’d recommend him to any early stage team looking for great product or engineering advisory and guidance. ~ Hillary Bush (Founder & CEO at Pollen)
Chip is is great at planning out complex projects and he will support you at every step of the way making sure project is flawless. I highly recommend working with him. ~ Burak Oksayan (Founder, Tatjack/Otzi)

My goals:

📐Charge for Deliverables - I want you to pay for agreed upon deliverables, whenever possible. If you’re paying an hourly rate, you can expect transparent and detailed breakdowns of what work you are paying for.

🔍 Be Transparent - I'll do my part to keep you well informed of any needed changes to our contract, the cause, and your choice of remedies.

♻️ Reduce Scope - Startups, by definition, need to think big and start small. My job is to help you do this, and I'll point out opportunities to reduce project scope and build lean whenever I see them.

Example deliverables:

Some common contract deliverables:

Design Sprint - a one week-long, intensive full time product ideation exercise with your core team and stakeholders. Useful for coming up with new ideas, prioritizing what's important to build, and validating user features quickly.
Fractional CTPO - hourly technical and product leadership: software architecture, product strategy, technical team management, design team management, agile process building and execution
Product Roadmap - a detailed, technical, and visual summary that maps out the vision and goals of the next iterations of your product. Often used to research and make decisions on how to build your product. Useful for making product hiring decisions, managing a product team, and staying focused on your MVP.

Template contract: