Startup Workshops

Startup Workshops

Focus, refine, and supercharge your startup’s product-led potential

Workshops designed to help early stage startups rapidly understand, define, and prototype their products and product-led business models. All sessions leverage design thinking and lean startup principles to pull out product ideas from startup teams and then rapidly validate them against market opportunities.

Ideal for:

  • 🤔 Founders, especially non-technical folks, looking to further validate their new products and market assumptions
  • 👩‍🔬 Early stage startup teams looking to de-risk new product opportunities
  • 👨‍💻 Startups low on product/engineering bandwidth
  • 🚀 Accelerator and incubator programming

Workshops Offered

  • Product Ideation and Validation - 1/2 day, full day
  • Product Marketplace Modeling - 1/2 day, full day
  • Full Product Sprint - 3 day, 5 day

Who I’ve Worked With

Some clients of mine include:

  • Guaranteed Health | Healthcare | Seed | New York, NY
  • Parachute Health | Healthcare | Series D | New York, NY
  • NYC Office of Technology and Innovation (OTI) | Government Office

Learn More

If you’re an early stage entrepreneur or startup interested in a product workshop, I’d love to help! Reach out 👉✉️