Digital Product Building for Government

Digital-First, Agile Innovation for Departments, Municipalities, Counties and Agencies

I help public servants and governments build digital tools to help them better serve their communities. I work side by side with government offices to build agile technology that solves problems for people and their communities. I’ve helped folks:

  • Streamline internal workflows
  • Introduce AI to speed up processes and improve knowledge management
  • Build public-facing websites, web applications, portals, and dashboards

How We Work Together

I consult with government leaders who are trying to make an internal or public-facing process more efficient and effective for them, their department, and their residents. I leverage my background and career as a product + technology leader to teach the fundamentals of building a digital product and get hands on building alongside departments.

My government engagements include:

  • Deep Research and User Interviews
  • Workshops, Ideation, and Design
  • Digital Product Prototyping
  • User Testing, Measurement, and Product Ideation
  • Product, Platform, and Technical Architecture Building

Past Work

I have worked in digital health - building systems to accelerate how fast a wheelchair is delivered to a patient. I’ve worked in hospice - building new end-of-life-care-specifc communication systems for patients, families, and medical teams. I’ve also worked in travel - and built a marketplace to connect the African Diaspora to the African continent through travel and a tourism economy.

I led a consulting team that partnered with the NYC Office of Technology and Innovation and NYC Open Data Week.


I’ve also coach and consulted startup teams from:


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If you’re a public leader in need of technology advising or digital product building, I’d love to help! Reach out 👉✉️ chip@logicandtheory.co