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This is a breakdown of my consulting services, a case study, and a few words from past clients. As always, you can contact me with questions, specific needs, or ideas for us to talk through!

- Chip Kennedy

How We Work Together

I consult with early stage startups and entrepreneurs who are building new digital products. I leverage my background and career as a startup product + technology leader to teach founders the fundamentals of building their digital product and get hands on building alongside them.

My engagements are some mix of:

  • Early digital product market validation
  • Product market fit discovery
  • New product prototyping
  • Product, platform, and technical architecture building
  • Early technical team hiring (think: software engineers, product managers, product designers, data scientists, web developers

And there are a few ways I work with founders:

Informal and Equity Advising

I (limitedly) work with mission-driven founders and advise them in their earliest stages. You receive honest advice.

🪪 Best for: entrepreneurs who are still thinking about their big idea.

One-off Product Workshops

I design, facilitate, and conduct a hands-on, intensive product building workshop with a founder and their startup team. You receive a tangible, informative, and user-tested implementation of your idea.

🪪 Best for: entrepreneurs who are ready to start prototyping and proving out their product much faster.

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Startup Workshops

Fractional Product + Technology Consulting

I sub in as fractional CTO, CPO or founding engineer. You receive a plug-and-play technical lead to move your product and technology forward faster.

🪪 Best for: entrepreneurs who have a prototype or MVP in hand and want to iterate quickly to get to a robust platform and to get to product market fit.

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Focus Areas + Case Study

Case Study: The Amalgamation
  • AI/ML
  • Government + GovTech
  • Digital Health
  • Community Platforms
  • Digital Marketplaces

Client Testimonials

I’ve been a venture-backed CTO and the founding product and engineering leader to multiple startups across stages and industries. I work with founders and startups where I can provide transformational impact to get them quickly to the next level while learning a lot about their product, their users, and their business. I’ve coach and consulted with founders from:

“Chip's impact went beyond consultation. He was a vital force that pushed me towards a clarity and focus I had never imagined achievable.  Without his input, I would not have made the rapid progress and development milestones that I achieved. His encouragement and the confidence he instilled in me were the driving force that allowed me to persevere, turn my concept into a tangible prototype, and pursue a path that I believe can positively impact others' lives.”

~ Mina Abdulla (Co-Founder, Elevate | Program Lead, Google)

“Chip is is great at planning out complex projects and he will support you at every step of the way making sure project is flawless. I highly recommend working with him.” ~ Burak Oksayan (Founder, Tatjack)
“Can’t say enough good things about Chip! He was an advisor to Pollen during our early, pre-product, deep customer discovery, and prototyping days. He provided clear and calm guidance on building early stage product, technical strategy, what signals to look for, how to interview customers and even how to lead the team. On top of that, he’s incredibly patient, kind and generous. I’d recommend him to any early stage team looking for great product or engineering advisory and guidance.”

~ Hillary Bush (Founder & CEO, Pollen)

“Chip’s guidance has been invaluable as I’ve progressed from the ideation phase into proof of concept testing with my startup. As a complete newbie to the startup space, I feel like I’ve avoided numerous pitfalls by following Chip’s advice. His guidance has dramatically accelerated my progress, as he always seems to be at least one step ahead of me and has thorough answers to my numerous, wide ranging questions.”

~ Chris Vo, D.D.S. (Founder & CEO at DentistNow.ai)

So You’re a Software Engineer? Fractional CTO?

I’m a startup product builder! like building successful and impactful digital products. I’ve found that my best work comes when helping startups that are:

(1) low on product development bandwidth,

(2) low on product validation, and/or

(3) low on product development operational excellence.

I work in code and design as needed to validate and prototype early product ideas. I’m often brought on to help test product-led growth in a new channel or bring product-led strategy to an executive team.

Our Shared Goals:

🔍 Be Transparent - I'll do my part to keep you well informed of any needed changes to our contract, the cause, and your choice of remedies.

🚀 Be Agile - Our shared goal will be product market fit and value for your users, never simply building more.

♻️ Reduce Scope - Startups, by definition, need to think big and start small. My job is to help you do this, and I'll point out opportunities to reduce project scope and build lean whenever I see them.

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If you’re an early stage entrepreneur or startup interested in a product workshop, I’d love to help! Reach out 👉✉️ chip@logicandtheory.co